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The world of DANHERA is immersed in ART with the desire to share its inspirations and dreams.

Art that captivates, Art capable of stirring emotions and bringing us back to the Essence of things.


The intersection of art, fragrance, and myth creates a world of sensory experiences and a new way of feeling.

A magical dance of creativity and dreams unfolds with every drop of essence, transforming into a creation of art that embraces the skin and the air.

An invitation to connect with nature and revel in the beauty of the world that surrounds us.


The love for art has always acted as a beacon, guiding us on a creative, unique, and fascinating journey. Every note, every brushstroke, every sculpture has shaped our path, transforming it into a continuous celebration of beauty and inspiration.

Some DANHERA olfactive works that have adorned the atmospheres of memorable Events:

- Special Fragrance For State of Exception
- 14th International Architecture Exhibition
- Venice Biennale
Special Fragrance for Aida di F. Zeffirelli
Special Fragrance for Regione Marche - Expo 2015 Milano