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The distinctive shape of Impero Collection draws inspiration from the octagonal plan of Castel del Monte, also known as the Fortress of Mysteries. This magnificent building is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the ancient residence of Emperor Frederick II of Swabia. This Octagon of unique design hosts DANHERA Legendary Fragrances.

Beauty, perfection, harmony. A perfect connection between architecture, history, and creativity bestowed upon DANHERA by the Sovereign “Stupor Mundi” to fascinate the world.

IMPERO Collection emerges from the legacy of an enlightened Emperor. It embodies his desire for innovation and his visionary spirit. Two worlds, distant in time, yet one unique style. DANHERA celebrates culture and art leaving an indelible imprint through the depths and meaning of its Legendary Fragrances.


Mine is a commitment, a promise that goes straight to the heart. 

A singular olfactory journey in which Perfume narrates the stages of a divine life and merges with Art.

Unique and evocative spaces, a fusion of mystery and beauty. Atmospheres steeped in fascination and wonder, where History weaves legends and delivers profound meanings.

These are the most precious ingredients DANHERA distills into its Creations to arouse intense emotions—melodies for the sense of smell, olfactory compositions of art and poetry that elegantly adorn our world and nourish our souls.

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