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Steeped in charm and legend, the world of the Goddess Hera seduces the imagination by the uniqueness of its culture and interpreters. A time, a story evoking primordial scents, where rare aromas merge together in a becoming of absolute emotions.


White Scents

The Origins of Life

Dances of divine characters seem to emerge amidst the signs of time, delivering a tale of both ardour and innocence. Royal and luminous essences of rarefied beauty, floral and fruity notes, adorn the atmospheres with a unique and eternal allure.


The Goddess HERA recounts the origins of life, the olfactory emotion of purity, the freedom of outdoor games, and the sweet nectar of the Gods. An innocent dream infused with velvety fragrance notes.


The timeless allure of the young Nymphs, beautiful child Goddesses dancing gracefully with Hera in the Garden of Hesperides.


The Goddess HERA envelops us with the Scent of Sweetness. Vanilla berries and Icing Sugar reinvent our Dream Dwelling.


Nostalgic and charming, the Goddess Hera shapes the atmospheres of elegance and delivers to us a dream of Love.


A journey beyond the sky. A sunny path leads the Goddess HERA into the Wonder of the Mediterranean. That gentle, reassuring sound after the storm.


The Goddess HERA bites the fruits of the Mediterranean; she savours the sun and plays with the sea. She craves for pleasure. A hidden desire floats in the air as a promise of an Old Love.


The myth of the young God Narcissus told by a proud and enigmatic fragrance. A harmonious blend of seductive beauty for profound inner well-being.

Black Scents The Scents of Mystery

The deepest, almost unspeakable pleasures become essence. Heroes of prodigious strength fighting against men, magic, gods, and the forces of nature in an unexplored and wild world, where gods and humans intertwine their destinies. Iconic legends are drawn from the memories of poets and distilled into Essence to adorn our world with passion.


The Scent that narrates the alchemy of Hidden Truths. A rare essence, woven by the very protagonists of the dream, translates to humans the encrypted messages of the Gods.


The denizens of Olympus stand still, enraptured while savoring the Helichrysum, the Flower of Flowers, the Scent of Gods.


The encounter with a bewitching, and voluptuous Sorceress with godly blood. Everything transforms into divine charm, creating an exhilarating and penetrating atmosphere


The most powerful God, Time. A detonation of sensuality and power. The Absolute recounted by a spicy perfume that vibrates with great strength.


The legend of Princess Jurate and the forbidden love with the fisherman Kastytis. The wrath of the Gods, the force of fire, and storm.


Oneiros, the son of the God of Sleep Hypnos and of the Night, was sent by Zeus in the guise of a winged herald to disclose the divine will to humans

Special Mood

Atmospheres of Art

Special Mood Scents created for the great events of art, music, and literature, narrated as never before. Olfactory compositions encapsulating the beauty and uniqueness of Italian Art. An emotional journey that leaves an indelible mark and transports us into infinite dreams.


The freshness of the most beautiful lagoon in the world, Venice, delivers its fragrance to adorn our world with sophistication


"Sovrana," a regal name in honor of the Ethiopian princess AIDA. The priestess adorned in gold, an interpreter of a great love story, bequeaths us the fragrance of her legend.


Touching landscapes, the harmonious encounter of land, sea and horizo, and the "infinite" and places of the Made in Italy. An olfactory memory that delights, excites and invites you to return.


Where the earth meets the sky. Where young fairies hide, and anything can happen. A fragrance that carries within itself the Flower of Life.


Contemplative atmospheres of the evening weave an imaginary stage where improvisation guides creation. A mystical dimension in which perfume creates countless modulations.