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Sovrana Spray

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Sovrana Spray 100 ml Spray cod. DANHSOVR100SV

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The elegant magic of the theatre lacked a performance: that of perfume.

Thus Sovrana was born , a fragrance that intoxicates the heart.

A Unique Blend that tells of the glitz of classicism, the mystery of the night, gold, deep black and the most intense passions.

"Sovrana" a royal name in honor of the Ethiopian princess Aida, the priestess painted gold, imprisoned in the land of Egypt.

"Sovrana" in honor of the Royal Eagle, sovereign of the Heavens, regal symbol of the AQUILA theatre. A sumptuous and refined aroma to accompany the "First AIDA by Maestro F. Zeffirelli" -Fermo, October 11, 2014.

Olfactory Pyramid

Head: Elemi, Labdanum, Sweet Orange
Heart: Aromatic Nardo, incense, carnation leaves
Base: Benzoinom Vanilla, liquidamber, Cedarwood
Naturals Present: Incense, Opoponax, benzoin, cedarwood, Elemi, Sweet Orange, Cananga odorata


It stimulates soul searching, aesthetic desire, artistic perfection.

Sensorial Experience

Radamès is ready to accept his destiny and prays that his beloved may find happiness one day. Aida consoles him with the certainty that the angels will unite them forever. The two lovers appear in all their intense love story. A portrait that becomes modern and narrates the love of all time.