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Mood Fragrances

Mood Fragrances created to tell the great events of Art, Music and Literature as never before.

Mood Fragrances


Intense fragrance notes and fresh scents of the lagoon and o zoned airs to dress the environment with the most refined sophistication. A fragrance that was created for the Venice Biennale.

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The theater, music, the intense and profound sacredness of Art. A sumptuous and refined aroma accompanies Maestro Zeffirelli’s Aida.

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Where the earth meets the sky. Where fairies hide and all happens. In this sacred place MAEVE was born. An essence that carries within it the Flower of Life and accompanies the discovery of one of the most fascinating regions of Italy, the Aosta Valley.

Discover Maeve


An imaginary stage where the most famous characters of Rossini’s Opera pay tribute to a magnificent sensory composition never explored before.

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The infinite and emotionally captivating places of Italy. The Perfume of the earth meeting the sea that charms and invites you to return. Created to dress the Marches at Expo2015.

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