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Magnum Vapo Gift Box Kirce

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Magnum Vapo Gift Box Kirce cod. DANHVAPO1000/Kirc

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Vapo Gift box for Luxury Lovers. An exceptional collection where Exclusivity, Authenticity and Refinement are melt together in a story of a timeless passion. Precious Perfumes in exclusive handmade packaging, which express all the refinement of Maison DANHERA Italy and the artisan savoir - faire whose combine the search for exceptional design. The Gift Box contains the exclusive Vapo Magnum in honeycombed glass with chrome vaporizer and a litre of Perfume.

Bewitching, sensuous, sensual. The maturity of a desire that has never diminished, the magic of a dreaded yet fulfilling spell. The Goddess HERA interprets the magic of a spell and seduces the soul. A divine appeal for an atmosphere with definite surroundings, penetrating and inebriating. Basic instinct becomes essence. A spicy heart that conquers your sense of smell and surprises it with fine fragrance notes of woods of Oud. The olfactive memory of a love game, an indelible feeling.

Olfactory Pyramid

Head: Black Pepper, Basil, Petit Grain
Heart: Oud Wood, Patchouli, Estragon
Base: Cinnamon Peel, Amber, Patchouli, Frankincense
Naturals Present: Basil, Petit Grain


induces deep feelings, soul searching, abandonment, encourages meetings.

Sensorial Experience

With eyes closed in a dark and quiet room. There is only a scent to guide the senses, almost like a voice that whispers. Slowly the spell takes hold of the mind, everything changes. The enchanting taste of an elixir that captivates and satisfies.