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Black Fragrances


Son of the God of slumber, Hypnos and of the night, Oniro, establishes his brilliant enigma in the image of a winged and light herald, sent by Zeus to the mortals to communicate to them the wishes of the Gods and suggest their advice.
The angel of dreams who alternates his candid and silvery vests, with darkly tints to land on the earth pouring on mankind the transcendent libation: the dream.
Niro, a dream’s fragrance, tells about the flowing of human spirituality into the places that we inhabit and which represent us. The perfumes gently blowing around the dreams of our Ego clothe the spaces, persisting even after the dream's end.
A fragrance recalling intense synaesthetic sensations while involving all the senses in a limitless journey in time.
Real, imagined, dreamed time and enriched by the Perfume.
A spicy perfume which enchants humans’ hearts and dreams.

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