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Stain Solutions Nr. 65

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Stain Solutions Nr. 65 500 ml cod. DANH_065

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It' s an ULTRA effective washing aid which efficiently removes dirt and greasy stains. Practical to use, it is a revolutionary gel to treat cuffs, collars, underarms, perspiration and all other grease stains before washing . Precious and powerful extracts from plants are the basis of the formula, thanks to which all fibers find flawless purity.

100% Effective NON toxic Concentrated

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Why is effective?

  • • Removes stains
  • • Dissolves grease stains
  • • It’s resolute on collars, cuffs & underarms, sweat and grease
  • • Practical and easy to use

Take Note

The action of the pretreatment, applied before washing, helps to effectively remove stains even at low temperatures, prevents wastage of detergent and saves energy. For an excellent result use STAIN SOLUTION NR. 65 combined with the DANHERA Italy Laundry Detergents.