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Conditioner Nr. 66

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Conditioner Nr. 66 1000 ml cod. DANH_066

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A valuable treatment with extraordinary emollient properties. A rich and creamy conditioner formulated with vegetable extracts and active nutrients, which gives the fibers great charm. The refinement of sophisticated fragrance notes of yellow flowers seduces your laundry using an intense scent and creates an atmosphere of deep emotions. Refined extracts of botanical origin are the basis of the action of the softener’s formula, thanks to which all fibers find care, protection and new life.

100% Regenerating Nourishing Non Toxic

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Danhera Italy Tips

Use a limited quantity and respect the recommended dose. CONDITIONER Nr. 66 is a concentrated product. For an excellent result use CONDITIONER Nr. 66 combined with DANHERA Italy Laundry Detergents.

Why is effective?

  • • Regenerates and nourishes fibers
  • • Protects fibers
  • • Leaves garments soft and fluffy
  • • It makes ironing easier