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Darks & Colored Nr. 64

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Darks & Colored Nr. 64 1000 ml cod. DANH_064

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An advanced formula that rekindles the colors and activates tissue renewal. Thanks to the special additive that blocks the transfer of pigments, garments appear highly regenerated, the fibers vibrant and radiant. Effective at all temperatures, it is a real beauty treatment for blacks and coloured garments. Precious vegetable extracts are at the basis of this colour- safe detergent, thanks to which all fibers maintain intense, compact and bright colours.

Concentrated. Regenerating. Non-toxic

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Danhera Italy Tips

Use a limited amount and respect the recommended dose. DARKS & COLORED NR. 64 is concentrated. With one bottle you can get up to 40 washes.

Why is effective?

  • • It cleans in depth enhancing colours
  • • Removes stains
  • • Regenerates fibers giving a new luster

Take Note

To remove stains with amazing results and without wearing out the fibers, use it combined with STAIN SOLUTION NR. 65 . The action of the pretreatment, applied before washing, helps to effectively remove stains even at low temperatures, prevents discolouration of fabrics, wastage of detergent and saves energy.