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Precious Fabrics Nr. 102

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Precious Fabrics Nr. 102 1000 ml cod. DANH_102

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CASHMERE & PRECIOUS WOOL ROYAL NR 102 is equipped with extraordinary properties.

A few precious drops of this exclusive detergent give new life to fine yarns and help preserve the natural balance of the fibers for a real anti-aging action. The natural condition of moisture in cashmere is restored, improving softness, beauty and texture.

This unique detergent represents the non plus ultra of science and luxurious care of cashmere: the heart and mind of the Royal Collection. It is a rare combination of plant-derived active ingredients that preserve the charm and purity of the yarns over time.

Magnificent fibers and colours with the exclusive essence of Sandalwood.


Perfect for: cashmere, guanaco, alpaca, angora, merino, mohair, cashgora,vicuna, jack, camel, wool, yarn.

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Danhera Italy Tips

Use a limited amount of CASHMERE & PRECIOUS WOOL ROYAL Nr 102: it is a concentrated product.

To wash and protect cashmere and precious yarns:

  • • Hand wash only
  • • Soak in warm water
  • • Use a specific mild detergent such as CASHMERE & PRECIOUS WOOL ROYAL Nr. 102
  • • Do not wring
  • • Remove excess water by blotting with clean towels
  • • Dry flat away from sunlight and heat sources
  • • Do not machine wash

Why is effective?

  • • Moisturizes and protects
  • • 100% safe
  • • Anti-aging action