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Gods Collection

GODS COLLECTION – Limited Edition - Is a rare collection in which Exclusivity, Authenticity and Sophistication flow into the tale of an ageless timeless passion.
The masterly Art of Perfumery expresses itself in a spousal union with several enigmas about legends, myths, arcanes, Arts, in order to give birth to unusual odorous textures enshrined in authentic unique pieces.
Precious Fragrances are imprisoned in exclusive Decanters, in which a rare silky production, (hand Made in Italy) expresses all the slickness of Maison DANHERA and the fresco painting of a handcrafted savoir-faire which combines with the research of a special design.
In the GODS COLLECTION deep roots of scented notes wisely whisper truths of unknown legends inebriating the senses through a symposium of synesthetic atmospheres to inhabit. All to discover.

Gods Collection


In the silent Baltic abyss dominates the mermaids’ queen, JURATE. One day, in her amber kingdom, fearlessly arrive the maids bringing news about Kastytis, a joung and charming fisherman who casts his nets on the kingdom’s edges going on with his fishing by a diligent abundance.
This novelty perturbed Jurate who sent her closest mermaids to admonish the fisherman. But the young man reacted carelessly.
So Jurate decided to go personally to the Kingdom’s border in order to quieten this outrageous disobedience. The encounter was fatal and they were both enthralled by love.
Forgetting everything, Kastytis followed Jurate into the abyss up to the Amber Castle.
The love between the Goddess and the human was short. The God of thunder Perkunas, who upon seeing the two lovers, was taken by such a great fury that he threw his burning arrow to the Amber Castle dissolving it into a thousand fragments.
Pieces of those amber precious stones emerged from the heart of the abyss, arrive to us in this Perfume which preserves a vibrational texture of information in which the tale of this forbidden love remains engraved.
A story woven in the memories of a primordial nature, of the sea and of fire.
JURA is a jewel for Queens, a gift offered to whom is ready to explore his connection with the Universe and the time.

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Son of the God of slumber, Hypnos and of the night, Oniro, establishes his brilliant enigma in the image of a winged and light herald, sent by Zeus to the mortals to communicate to them the wishes of the Gods and suggest their advice.
The angel of dreams who alternates his candid and silvery vests, with darkly tints to land on the earth pouring on mankind the transcendent libation: the dream.
Niro, a dream’s fragrance, tells about the flowing of human spirituality into the places that we inhabit and which represent us. The perfumes gently blowing around the dreams of our Ego clothe the spaces, persisting even after the dream's end.
A fragrance recalling intense synaesthetic sensations while involving all the senses in a limitless journey in time.
Real, imagined, dreamed time and enriched by the Perfume.
A spicy perfume which enchants humans’ hearts and dreams.

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