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is in a Scent that a memory live again, once again.


DANHERA Italy's Luxury Interior Fragrances were created to describe the essence of a place and those who inhabit it. The Perfume outlines the space, dresses the environment and interprets it's history.
The physical dimension merges with the emotional one and creates an indissoluble bond with profound, intense and tangible outlines.

Through sensory branding DANHERA Italy creates personalized olfactory decor projects in the realm of your own home and in your work environment as well as in hospitality, with the objective of creating an unforgettable experience

A house, an office, a shop pleasantly scented, with an essence that has been chosen on the basis of interior design as well, is synonymous of great care and attention, with the added value of one's own experience.

Fragrances & Living decor

The scent becomes an expression of emotions, of experience, in the belief that a memory lives in that scent, scent that we have encountered during the course of our lives.

Fragrances & Living decor

A team of Interior & Olfactory designers to write one’s own unique story.

    Shops & Showroom - the Scent dress the Fashion atmosphere
    Office Business Room - the Scent drives the Creativity
    Events & Weddings - the Scent dress the Emotions
    Hotel & Resort - the Scent of unforgettable stay
    SPA & Wellness - the Scent of the Wellness
    Professional Atelier - the Scent enhance the Welcome

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