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Microfiber Chiffon Nr. 50

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Microfiber Chiffon Nr. 50 cod. DANH_050

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Soft as velvet a satin texture, the Microfiber CHIFFON DANHERA Home Purity No. 50 has exceptional shining and long-lasting properties. It takes care of your Jewelry, most precious objects and materials with efficacy and absolute refinement. Dusts and renews the shine of your Valuables without leaving traces or marks.

Danhera Italy Tips

The fine microfiber cloth Home Cleaning No. 50 perfectly cleans with absolute delicacy and softness. Created to clean the most delicate surfaces, it is the perfect ally to housework. Due to it’s special design, it does not leave streaks or scratches. It absorbs, dries, shines and is easy to rinse. Ideal for crystals, mirrors, televisions, LCD and all shiny surfaces. For perfect results, use the microfiber cloth Home Cleaning Nr. 50 along with the Home Cleaning Spray products. For optimum durability, we recommend hand washing with warm water and detergent for delicates DANHERA Italy.

Jewelry Care

In order to preserve the beauty and brightness of Precious Stones and Materials over time from dust and dirt, it is crucial to take care of them, respecting the inner properties.

DANHERA recommends the use of CHIFFON Nr. 50 for precious objects to maintain the beauty of your Valuables over time.

Crystal Care

Glass and crystal brightness can be dulled by dust and dirt. To maintain the surfaces perfect over time, use DANHERA Microfiber CHIFFON on fine ornaments.

How to use: Light soiling - use the CHIFFON moistened; heavy soiling - combine with DANHERA Window Cleaner Nr. 54. Gently wipe your crystals with the CHIFFON, it removes dust, halos and opacity, leaving your crystal objects clean and shiny.

DANHERA CHIFFON care: The precious Microfiber CHIFFON has a high resistance and it is long lasting. Take care of it washing with warm water and DANHERA Home Purity Laundry Detergent suitable both by hand and in the washing machine.

TIPS: Keep your Jewelries in a clean and dry place, taking care to separate one to one to avoid eventual scratches.