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Efesto Jewels

Efesto Jewels

Hephaestus, the God Blacksmith, the shaky artist, in his cavernous workshops is the God who creates beauty by working with the precious metals of the heart in the Volcano, the shiny gems hidden in the gorges, with fire, among the rocks, shadows and transparencies tempered with the flame of Metal.
The artist God, lame, rejected by his mother HERA, is reborn in a golden workshop in the heart of the abysses.
Aphrodite, the most beautiful of the goddesses, becomes his wife and the secret lover of the vigorous Ares.
When Hephaestus discovers the two lovers, he works a net of gold in fine filigree to wrap the Goddess and immobilize the two bodies as marble sculptures.
Deformity and beauty, power and magic, the strength of the forge and the embroidery of gold, essences of a deep world that thin fingers let float in the body and mind.
So harmonies and aromas are the essences that Danhera collects to make them free in time, to sublimate the fragrances before time can consume them ...
The ancient stories are stories that give our present precious metaphors and the sublimating realities of Hephaestus also speak from these fragrant gems, known with love and wisdom, led to beauty and collected in a gold net.

Efesto Jewels



Una collezione d’eccezione, in cui esclusività, autenticità e una rara Manifattura Orafa, confluiscono nel racconto di una passione senza tempo.
I Profumi della leggenda imprigionati in preziosi Decanter, in cui i bagliori dell’Oro si fondono a rari Metalli forgiati a Mano, esprimono tutta la ricercatezza della Maison DANHERA e l’affresco di un savoir- faire artigiano che si coniuga alla ricerca di un design d’eccezione.
Ogni creazione è un’opera senza il suo doppio, frutto della manualità artistica più preziosa del Made in Italy.
Efesto Jewels

The EFESTO JEWELS host the whole selection of the LUXURY INTERIOR FRAGRANCES DANHERA: Innocentia, Nimfa, Daunia, Pretiosa, Soavia, Desìo, Narkao, Arzanà, Sovrana, Maeve, Soirèe, Infinito. Kriso, Kirce, Krono. Jura, Niro.

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