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Surface Sanitizer Nr. 53

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Surface Sanitizer Nr. 53 500 ml cod. DANH_053

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It's effective, safe and quick. It cleans and disinfects washable surfaces, which is particularly useful for surfaces in direct contact with food and people. With valuable active ingredients exclusively plant-based, it cleans and purifies without leaving streaks and does not require rinsing. Ideal to protect and defend the surfaces and objects of daily use. It contains refined and natural ingredients for extreme safety.

100% Free of fragrance (It has no scent to avoid olfactory alterations to food)

SURFACE SANITIZER NR.53 has a fitted cosmetic trigger which enables micronized spraying of surfaces for an outstanding balance of efficiency and consumer awareness.

100% safe 100% effective 100% non-toxic

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Danhera Italy Tips

Used with the fine microfiber cloth DANHERA Italy Nr. 50, it does not leave marks and rinsing is not required. It's a great multipurpose product for all washable surfaces. Great for Slicers, cutting boards, refrigerator, utensils, for all surfaces and materials where hygiene is essential. Perfect for baby items (toys, high chair etc ...).

Why is effective?

  • • Sanitizes
  • • Purifies
  • • No rinsing required