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Microwax Floor Cleaner Nr. 57

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Microwax Floor Cleaner Nr. 57 1000 ml cod. DANH_057

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A micro wax detergent with exceptional performance, can effectively improve dull and opaque floors. It’s a unique and innovative combination of detergent and treatment, the product gives a matte pearl natural finish and slightly reflective surface, covering imperfections. It cleanses, nourishes, moisturizes and protects. Formulated to give luster, it does not create films and gives a powerful barrier against daily stressors that dull surfaces. The first "detergent with foundation cream" that used regularly, gives the floors a regenerated compact and bright appearance. It represents the future in the beauty of floors that defeats the wear of time on Marble-granite-stone - wood - rubber-parquet- gres- lavagna- linoleum- terracotta

Dual Action Cleaner / Polishing Not Toxic

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Danhera Italy Tips

Apply MICROWAX FLOOR CLEANER NR. 57 following the dilutions in water depending on the reflective effect you desire. The level of coverage is customizable.

Why is effective?

  • • Cleanses, nourishes,and protects floors
  • • It compacts
  • • Covers imperfections
  • • Fights the effects of time