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Kitchen Cleaner Nr. 52

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Kitchen Cleaner Nr. 52 500 ml cod. DANH_052

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Promptly removes all traces of oil, grease and fingerprints from surfaces without leaving streaks. Free of residues and dyes, it is also ideal for the kitchen environment. Cleans and removes grease renewing the senses and the appearance of materials. It takes care of surfaces leaving a precious fragrance of Peach Nectarine.Sgrassante Multipurpose NR. 2 is fitted with a cosmetic trigger which enables micronized spraying of surfaces, for an outstanding balance of efficiency and consumer awareness.

100% effective Scented Nontoxic

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Danhera Italy Tips

Used with the fine microfiber cloth DANHERA Italy Nr. 50, it does not leave marks and does not require rinsing. It's a concentrated product.

Why is effective?

  • It removes grease quickly
  • Does not leave streaks
  • Guarantees a natural shine to surfaces