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Body Purity

DANHERA is a synonymous of tailored and private beauty rituals who combine ancient recipes with the most modern research technologies, to give life to unique products, faithful witnesses of primordial Purity.
A dream to rediscover the time to dedicate to oneself and wear a timeless beauty.
DANHERA Body Purity joins purity and research and transforms them into acts of love and wellness.
Precious emulsions, pure and perfect combinations, moments where the body meets the soul.
DANHERA Body Purity reveals the secret of Goddesses for a timeless beauty as ideal of perfection and harmony unchangeable over time for a divine texture collection.

Body Purity


A pure and bright heart, built on the harmony of ivy notes able to give back the olfactory photography of a joyful and vital world where spontaneous fragrances flow in an unspoilt nature: land, water, leaves, flowers, roots, woods.

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Oriental and Magical Nights leading to oblivion. Sinuous atmospheres of rare spices blend with the refinement of Precious Indian Woods. An enchantment of the senses that caresses the skin and explores the Wonder.

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Black Ivory

The mystery of olfactory writing with a powerful and voluptuous character. A wooden and mystic heart wrapped into the depth of resins and incense. Touches of bergamot fade scents into essences of cedar woods and patchouli.

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Royal Majesty

Seductive charm of spicy and aromatic notes that fade toward elegant and refined shades recalling an ancestral memory.

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