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Krono Spray

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Krono Spray 100 ml Spray cod. DANHKRON100SV

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Zeus in the presence of the goddess Hera. Facing each other, the combination of sensuality and power, the explosion of the absolute.

An atmosphere with a spicy flavour. Fragrance notes that capture time, enclosing it in a treasure chest, where the desire for immortality awaits impatiently, and in which vibrates the relentless force of the divine world.

A magical, powerful and sensual arrangement. Unique citrus notes blend with the persistent seduction of Oud. The olfactory memory of a meeting, of passion and virility.

Olfactory Pyramid

Head: Nutmeg, Star anise
Heart: Cypress, Cloves, Tea Leaves 
Base: Siberian Pine, Cedar wood, Orange 
Naturals Present: Siberian pine, Cedar wood, Orange


stimulating, rewarding, energizing

Sensorial Experience

In the abode of the Gods, between the myth, the legend and rites. A picture full of poetry, color & factual evidence, inspired by the fantasy of the colours of Olympus that narrates and seduces contemporary men. A mystical journey and contemplation of the relentless force of nature.